Journals are a great fundraiser!

PGS Printing & Graphics Services has a long history of being journal specialists, and we put our expertise to work to help your organization make more money on ad sales within the journal. Many business and non-profit organization events use journals as a way to give guests information and a keepsake, as well as make extra money for the event or cause on the sale of these ads. PGS Printing’s experience planning and creating journals can help maximize the success of your journal and your associated fundraising event.

We meet with each client to draw up a budget and plan based upon the number of attendees expected at the event. We help price the ads to fit the audience and make sure that the journal is a fundraising success.  We also draw up a calendar for the client for the receipt of ads and proofing process to make sure delivery of the completed journals is perfect every time.

The most popular journal sizes are 8.5″ x 11″ and 5.5″ x 8″.  They can be printed on a wide range of paper weights and finishes, including glossy and metallic papers, based upon your budget and audience.

Call PGS Printing & Graphics Services today to find out how you can make your next fundraiser an even great success with a journal and our help.