Digital Printing

Small Batch Printing + Color = Affordable

PGS Printing offers digital printing for a variety of exciting products for your business or non-profit organization. Digital printing creates printed images directly from computer generated files without the need to create “plates” as in the traditional printing process.  This savings makes digital printing an ideal choice for single item or jobs of less than 300 pieces.

PGS Printing & Graphics Services can digitally print:

  • Banners of all sizes – Banners make great temporary signage, announce a sale or new product line and identify your business at trade shows.  Freestanding banners that come with their own stand add a professional branding touch at trade shows and presentations.
  • Pop up signs –  Pop up signs are agreat tool for boosting your brand visibility at any kind of temporary set-up, like trade shows, job fairs, presentations and conventions.
  • Corroplast signs – These signs are also known as lawn signs, as the wire holders for them make it easy to set them up in grass.  They are printed on corrugated plastic and can be used to advertise your business, announce an event or as mile markers or tee signs, helping to raise funds from sponsors at golf outings and charity walks.
  • Posters – Your artwork, advertising or branding message can be printed on heavy stock in a wide variety of sizes to create beautiful posters and wall art.
  • One way clings & decals – The difference between clings and decals is that decals use an adhesive and are intended to be used for permanent or semi permanent signage.  There are decals intended to be used on glass, and other decals intended for use on walls.  Wall decals are made with a gentler adhesive, so as to minimize damage to the walls when the decals are removed.  Clings rely on static electricity to hold them in place, so are best for temporary applications. like seasonal decorations or advertising a sale.  One way clings and decals are intended for use on glass and only allow you to see through from one side, while obscuring the view from the other side.  For example, if a poster is made of one way decal material and placed in a store window, people ont he outside can see the text and images, while people on the inside of the store will have a clear view of the outside and not see the text and images.
  • Two way viewing clings & decals –  Please read the description above for the difference between decals and clings, and the difference between those intended for walls and those intended for glass.  Two way viewing clings and decals allow the image and text that has been printed on the material to be seen from both sides when used on glass.
  • Vehicle wraps – Have you seen any commercial vehicles on the road that have advertising on all surfaces except the front windshield and wonder how it’s done?  PGS Printing & Graphics Services can do that for you with a custom vehicle wrap, turning your commercial vehicle into a billboard on wheels, advertising your business.  Vechicle wraps are made of the same material as one way decals, so you can even cover your windows with your message, but still see clearly out from the inside, while people on the outside get to see your message all over your car, truck or van.  Whether you business owns a single automobile or a fleet of trucks, vehicle wraps are an eye-catching way to present your product or service to potential customers.
  • Magnetic signs – Magnetic signs can be printed in full color and in almost any size.  They are a convenient and inexpensive way to create signs for interior or exterior metal doors in buildings, and a great way to identify your business on your business or personal vehicle.  Placed on vehicle doors or back panels, they announce your business to the world without damaging your car’s finish and can be removed when you’re not using the vehicle for work.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, PGS Printing and Graphics Services’ digital printing can help you make a statement. Easy online ordering makes it simple to get exactly what you need in minimal time, and our expert staff makes sure your final product is top quality.